Who is TEVA FAQ – What is their background?

  • TEVA’s background stems from 30 years in the solar industry
  • Dominant force in the Solar Thermal Markets
  • Experienced in the Commercial, Industrial and Government sectors
  • Focusing on affordable energy solutions with sensible ROI’s
  • Supported by Magen ECO Energy and UMA Solar on product quality and warranty
  • Starategic alliances and venture capital backing

Is there a governing agency that regulates TEVA?

  • TEVA’s focus is on thermal energy services that are unregulated

Is TESA the same thing as a PPA (power purchase agreement)?

  • TESA is similar to a PPA since there is no upfront cost to the client, and the client only pays for delivered energy; however, TESA is a Thermal Energy Service Agreement that TEVA can provide to private and governmental entities virtually anywhere in the U.S., even in states that prohibit PPA’s such as Florida

How do I know that TEVA will pay their power bill after I have paid TEVA for energy production?

  • You will continue to pay your power bill as you did before, except that power bill will now reflect a reduction attributed to the TEVA thermal preheating system.

Is there a government agency that I can check with to verify that TEVA is allowed to offer a PPA?

  • No such agency exists that accredits companies that offer PPA’s for thermal energy production
  • Our thermal contractual agreement is governed by Florida law
  • Our equipment is installed at your facility, therefore all risk of contract continuity falls back on TEVA

FAQ – What are the risks involved, what if this doesn’t work?

  • TEVA assumes all the risks
  • Our “No Cost, No Risk, Guaranteed Savings” promise means just that!
  • Our equipment is installed at your facility, therefore all risk of contract continuity falls back on TEVA

FAQ – How does the TESA  process work?

  • After determining that your facility is a candidate that will benefit from solar thermal, we will enter into a contractual agreement that will allow us to design and install a solar thermal water heating system for your building.
  • The result is an immediate reduction in your energy costs as well as a giant leap in reducing your carbon footprint

Check out the TESA model here: Click Here


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