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MAXG’s proven preheating technology delivers more energy per square foot than any other solar technology available today, maximizing available roof space. Using highly efficient, lightweight solar collectors, the MAXG system preheats incoming ground water to between 90 and 120 degrees. Traditional water heaters can then boost the preheated water to desired temperatures, saving as much as 80 percent of the energy normally required.

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Maximizing Potential

Ideal for owners and operators of large-scale facilities, utility companies and green energy finance organizations, the innovative and powerful MAX G Solar Preheat system maximizes large-scale water heating while delivering superior financial and environmental benefits.

Maximum Financial Benefit

In addition to unrivaled energy production, MAX G offers a faster return of investment than any other renewable energy system. With proper financing, a MAX G Solar Preheat System can become cash positive from day one. The system is so cost effective; it is financially feasible with or without government subsidies.

Maximum Advantages

The MAXG Solar Preheat System is designed to heat water demand of a minimum 2,500 gallons of water a day, yet it is the lightest weight system on the market. The system is free from corrosion and scaling and is backed by a ten-year warranty. Separate tube design eliminates “wing effect,” minimizes roof penetrations and offers excellent wind load properties. The system has an added benefit in that it helps cool the roof, reducing cooling costs in the space below.

Maximum Success

With measureable performance and a proven track record, the MAX G Solar Preheat System is successfully operating in numerous large-scale installations worldwide. Now approved for the U.S. market, the MAX G Solar Preheat System is easily integrated into existing gas and electric water heating systems.

Roof view of soalr pre heat panels installation


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