Space Saving

It is a fact that most existing homes do not have the land mass-space requirement to install a conventional horizontal loop. These same homes in a lot of cases do not have the access for drilling or boring as mature trees and ornamental landscape covers most of these properties.

The few homes that are candidates are going to pay a premium based on the initial costs for the loop, the associated costs to provide the necessary access as well as the final costs to restore the yard to its previous glory. For a lot of people costs alone is enough reason not to consider Geothermal as the payback period can double when the final cost comes to light.

For others, the mere thought of having their yard devastated is something they are not willing to consider no matter what the savings. For these reasons alone Geothermal has had a limited market base and will continue to be limited to new construction and a select few existing homes.

HYPERLOOP is testing and addressing those issues as the compact and prefabricated nature of HYPERLOOPS has greatly reduced loop build and installation time, excavation or drilling costs, related damage to lot surfaces and underground obstacles, shipping costs, site-specific engineering costs, and general loop size requirements.

Thus far there are over 1,000 HYPERLOOPS installed to date. A large majority of them are in ground applications. Sizing HYPERLOOPS for ground applications  will greatly depend on the conductivity of your soil. That being said, we have observed the following based on current installations:

  • 1/4 Ton Per HYPERLOOP in Dry Sandy Soil Conditions
  • 1/3 Ton Per HYPERLOOP in Silt, Clay, Moist Soils
  • 1/2 Ton Per HYPERLOOP in Heavily Saturated Soils, Hydrated Sand

NOTE: The above is not meant to convey a sizing guide nor should it be used as such. Until further information has been compiled to create an accurate sizing guide we highly recommend having your soil tested for conductivity and ALWAYS oversize your loop field as a safe practice.

For more information see our “Technical” section



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